18inch Small Eletric Fireplace Heater Questwhx R918B

Model Number : R918B
Voltage : 110V / 220 V
Power : 1500 W
Warranty : 1Year
Style : Insert & heater
Certification : CE, GS, RoHS, ERP, CSA GCC
Control mode : Manual Panel+Remote Control
Application : decorative+Luxury+Heating
Fireplace dimension : L586MM X D128MM X H 455MM
Packing dimension : L 520MM X D 160MM X H 500MM
Fireplace G.W. : 7.25 KGS
Fireplace N.W. : 6.65KGS
Function : 1.Children safety lock function
2.5 Level frame
3. 3 level heater
4. LED effect
5.Adjustable Thermostat
6.Overheating Protected
Sample : Available

Choosing A Built-In Fireplace As An Inexpensive Alternative To Installing A Traditional Fireplace

A built-in fireplace is a permanent installation to a home or office and can be placed anywhere; on an inside or outside wall, above or below ground, and even in corners. It is constructed of good quality, sturdy materials and is quickly and inexpensively installed. Typically, these built-in units are dual voltage and can be wired out of the box for 110 volts, which is the normal household voltage, or 220 volts, which is the voltage used by a washer or dryer. A 220 volt installation will roughly double the potential heat output of the unit. They are safe to use, which eliminates the anxiety that can come with a burning flame. While the actual flame does not exist, the realistic flame effect is incredibly lifelike and, as an added bonus, can be used with the heat turned on or off, allowing for its use 365 days a year.

As an alternative to installing a costly traditional masonry fireplace, a built-in unit is perfect for renovation or construction projects because it comes in a variety of designs and widths ranging from 33 inches to 45 inches. These designs include details such as glass doors, trim kits, remote controls, wall thermostats, and plug-in kits. Heating elements can range from 4,692 to 9,200 BTUs and provide warmth to almost any size room when required. However, keep in mind that the unit can be operated without the heating element being turned on, so one can enjoy the coziness of a fire even in the warmest months of the year.


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