2020 New 20inch build-in electric fireplace Questwhx R900

Model Number : R900
Voltage : 110V / 220 V
Power : 1500 W
Warranty : 2Year
Style : Insert & heater
Certification : CE, GS, RoHS, ERP, CSA GCC
Control mode : Manual Panel+Remote Control
Application : decorative+Luxury+Heating
Fireplace dimension : L 500MM X D 200MM X H 500MM
Packing dimension : L 540MM X D 240MM X H 540MM
Overheating Protected : YES
Adjustable Thermostat : YES
Function : 1.Children safety lock function
2.5 Level frame
3.7 level heater
4.8 timing option
5. LED effect
Sample : Available
Container capacity : 20ft 300pcs
40ft 700pcs
HQ 800pcs

Why choose electric fireplaces

Today’s electric fireplaces are technology driven and are designed to offer greater levels of comfort and convenience to the users. Besides providing sufficient warmth and comfort, they add beauty to the interiors, by blending well with the existing modern and stylish furnishings. They offer significant benefits when compared to the conventional models – they are easy to handle, portable, mobile, offer flexibility to control heat, economical to run, possess no fire hazards, and above all, they are environmental friendly.

Main factors to consider while purchasing

Planning how, what and where to buy an electric fireplace helps you to narrow your search and makes your shopping easy. Consider the following:

Know your budget

It is always better to decide how much you want to spend on fireplace. The price of electric fireplaces varies from less than $300 dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the design, heating capacity and other specifications. However, be a little flexible and when expecting a long lasting appliance, better not to compromise on the quality of the product.

Location of installation and size

This is an important aspect to consider before shopping, as it helps you choose the right product. Electric fireplaces are versatile when it comes to location, and their only requirement for installation is electricity. So, make sure that you choose a place with sufficient power sockets which support the device.

Secondly, check for the dimensions of the room. They will help you in choosing a fireplace with sufficient heat output. Also, measure how much free size is available to install the device. This prevents you from ordering a fireplace that is neither too small nor too big. If you mention your room specifications to the retailer, he will advise you the correct fireplace that matches your needs.


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