28inch Best electric Fireplace For Home Questwhx R928A

Model Number : R928A
Voltage : 110V / 220 V
Power : 1500 W
Warranty : 1Year
Style : Insert & heater
Certification : CE, GS, RoHS, ERP, CSA GCC
Control mode : Manual Panel+Remote Control
Application : decorative+Luxury+Heating
Fireplace dimension : L730MM X D180MM X H 625MM
Packing dimension : L 770MM X D 220MM X H 695MM
Fireplace G.W. : 17.9 KGS
Fireplace N.W. : 16.1KGS
Function : 1.Children safety lock function
2.5 Level frame
3. 3 level heater
4. LED effect
5.Adjustable Thermostat
6.Overheating Protected
Sample : Available

So, how can you get the benefits of heating and appearance without the problems associated with traditional fireplaces?

If you have an electric fireplace, you can do that more easily and less expensively than you would think possible.

Over the last few years, we are focus on electrical fireplace and have made tremendous progress in making fireplace units that have great looks, are energy efficient and even have realistic wood logs that crackle and pop like real wood burning fireplaces.

You can enjoy the benefits of having a fireplace without the mess and maintenance often associated with them.

One of the nice things about having an electric fireplace insert is the ability to easily switch logs in them. There are now several styles of logs, from glowing embers to realistic flames that are even available in a variety of woods, such as oak, cherry and maple.

If you enjoy the crackling and popping noises also, you can find a variety of different sounds, some even come with the ability to make choices on what sound and volume you want.


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