47″ LED Electric Wall Fireplace Questwhx R903

Model Number : R903
Voltage : 220 V
Power : 1500 W
Warranty : 2 Year
Usage : Indoor & corner
Certification : CE, GS, RoHS, ERP, CSA
Control mode : Manual Panel+Remote Control
Application : decorative+Luxury+Heating
Fireplace dimension : L1200MM X D180MM X H 520MM
Packing dimension : L 1600MM X D 220MM X H 560MM
Overheating Protected : YES
Adjustable Thermostat : YES
Function : 1.Children safety lock function
2. 8 timing option
3. LED effect
Sample : Available
Container capacity : 20ft 204pcs
40ft 430pcs
HQ 504pcs

Types of electrical fireplaces

• Based on the technology

Electric fireplaces work on two different techniques – convection and infrared radiation.

In convection process, the fireplace draws cold air from your room into the steel tubes, where the air is heated and then is blown out to warm up the surroundings. Whereas, electric fireplaces with infrared technology, emit infrared radiation just like the sun. The radiation from these fireplaces directly strikes the objects in the space and gets converted into heat. This way the humidity and the oxygen levels in the air are left unaffected using infrared fireplaces.

Infrared electric fireplaces are quite popular than the convectional models, since they are more effective and energy efficient.

• Based on design

Electric fireplaces are available in two different models based on design. One is the free standing style and the other is the wall mounting style.

In free standing, the fireplaces are surrounded by the mantel made of different materials like wood, stone, brick and so on; designed to match various interiors. Few models do have some storage areas which can hold TVs, DVD players and other devices. Depending on the available space you can choose this model for improved interiors.

Wall mounting fireplaces are hanging units that can be installed on a dry wall just like our flat screen TVs. These models are well suited for apartments and modern and stylish interiors. The main advantage with these models is, they don’t need space like free standing style. So, in case you lack space in your home, you can go for this model.

Features and specifications

High quality electric fireplaces often come with a variety of features which include superior flame, log and ember technology, remote controls, wall thermostats, overheat protection, adjustable flame action, glass doors which are cool to touch, etc. Compare the features among different brands and choose the one which offers the best of all.

Make your investment worthy by spending a couple of hours to choose the right product. One thing you need to remember is that a reputed dealer will always provide reliable products.


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