Cabaret Weathered White TV Electric Fireplace Console R660

1. The European-style simulated fireplace adopts a symmetrical pattern design in the centre, and the soft arc outlines the neat wheels. Exquisite carving techniques are all hand-made, and the carved parts can see in detail.
2. The solid base has a square design, which is firm and robust and has strong load-bearing capacity. Built-in solid wood
The frame and details show the craftsmanship, and the charm of the fireplace cabinet was displaying the little room.
3. The four corners of the cabinet treated with arc guiding angles, which are smooth and translucent after careful polishing.
To avoid invisible harm to life, one more humanized design.
4. Furnace core design, realistic flame effect, no dense smoke, no pollution, environmental protection and safety
All, touch the switch, the flame will show instantly.
5. Equipped with remote control, free operation within 10 meters, decorative fireplace only has a flame view
Reward, no heating function, power of 6-16W, 1 kWh of electricity for 200 hours,
Very energy-saving. The heating fireplace has two stalls, 750-1500W, choose according to needs select.
6. Each finished product must go through: Digging rough billet-Digging subtle billet-Polishing-Polishing-Engraving pattern Colouring and polishing


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