Electric Fireplace Insert For Existing Fireplace R510

Model Number : R510
Voltage : 110V / 220 V
Power : 1500 / 2000 W
Warranty : 3 Year
Style : Wall-Mounted
Certification : CE, GS, RoHS, ERP, CSA GCC
Control mode : Manual Panel+Remote Control
Flame Patterns : 5 levels
Backup Light : 750W
Area Heating : 30 Square meters
Fireplace dimension : L1280MM X D140MM X H 4660MM
Packing dimension : L 1350MM XD 1780MM X H 530MM
Fireplace G.W. : 23 KGS
Fireplace N.W. : 30KGS
Function : 1.Pebbles , Crystals , Log for Flame is available
2.Multi-Color LED Flame changing effect is available
3.With LED light source flame technology
4.With overheat protection device
Sample : Available
Timer Function : 0.6 – 6 Hrs
Guarantee : 1.Warranty is 36 months.
2.Maintain service for life.
3.Within 36 months , if need replace some parts , we will send to you for free and send video to teach you how to use it .

Installed Wall-mounted Fireplace:
How to Select as well as Install
Setting up an embedded fireplace requires a lot of work can be a straightforward task for a skilled fire professional, as well as it can be tough for the initial person to set up a fireplace by himself. If you are not exactly sure just how to set up a fire, consider asking someone who knows fireplace specialist to help you install it.

Overview of installation of electric fireplace
Make sure to follow the installation directions when installing an ingrained fireplace. Fixed fireplace setup overview has a range of versions, various designs, its installation setting is multiple, if you follow the following necessary actions as well as pick tips to help you expertly install the embedded fireplace.

Five Steps for Installing Electric Fireplace

Step 1: Select the location of fireplace instalment.
You are setting the stud on the steel plate. It’s a tiny magnet. When you feel the nail, you find the stud. The next stud has to do with 16 inches to the left or right. If the spacing of the studs does not match the mounting brace of the wall fireplace, make sure to make use of securing screws to repair the different end of the pair. Never hang your products on the wall surface.

Examine to guarantee that the power outlet is near as well as below the tool. The power outlet is under the fireplace and also will not be blown away by the climbing hot air. Please use insulator to cover the shut outlet.

Step 2: Fire Place Installation and also Plug-in
Choose between electrical wiring and plug-in. Then, the fireplace wiring system is attached straight to the power supply cable. The wiring system hides in the fireplace, and also it is tough to locate loosened connections after setup. Only licensed electrical experts can identify these devices.

You can fix the plug-in system by yourself. Put the heating system core directly right into the electrical outlet. Note: Do not utilize extension cord to attach the set up an electric fireplace.

Step 3: Open up the wall surface as well as take care of the fireplace structure after cutting the wall, gauge the dimension of the fireplace with tape. Then, according to the frame dimension you calculated, deal with a framework in the open wall surface.

After the instalment of the fireplace, utilize a gasket levelling device. Use a leveller to check whether the shelf unit level. If did this the product is fitted to the frame with brackets and also screws. After installing the fireplace, your house looks extra lovely and also makes sure that the framework unit is straight. This action is one of the most crucial steps in the entire process of mounting the ingrained electrical fireplace.

Step 4: Link to the fireplace.

Strip about half an inch from the end with a pole dancer or a pole dancer blade. The harness port is after that made use of to tighten up the electrical link. Will make sure a risk-free and excellent connection to the fireplace. Before finishing the electrical wiring, examination whether the electric connection is embedded fireplace linked to the power supply. After that open and also check all the job to see if they are regular.

Step 5: Include End
The whole interior instalment has completed and also the wall surface has been repaired. With fireplace decorations, the empty area where wall surfaces, as well as fireplaces, intersect can be covered. To attain a clean wall, maintain the wall as close as possible to the fire.

Cover your electric fireplace with painters tape as well as plastic to avoid it from colliding. When the paint is dried, it covers the location where the fireplace converges the wall. You can make use of the fire currently.

You understand just how to mount your fireplace and also currently switch on the best-ranked power fireplace.


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