Classic Electric Fireplace Heater TV Stand R698

Model No. : 698

1. 3D flame impact – Produce a realistic flame result
2. Life-like fire based in an intense stack of fake logs
3. 7 degrees of fire brightness change
4. Operated with remote
5. Safe toughened up glass Brings environment, elegance to any room with Standard size L2000 X W380 X H1300mm.
6. Overheat Defense, Certified for safety and security (CE, CSA, FCC, GCC, RHOS licensed).

This electrical fire place is a no-upkeep heating system that looks and acts like a wood-burning fire place. Envision merely opening up the package and connecting in a fireplace. Your room instantaneously changed into the attractive room that is cosy and enchanting.

Having an event, however, your fireplace remains in one more room?
You can relocate this fireplace from area to room, all you require is a plug to establish the state of mind.
The fireplace can provide you with standard feel or the modern look as well as every little thing in between. The options are limitless.


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