Heritage Electric Fireplace Logs With Heater Mantel package R696

Model No. : 696
Electric Fireplace Advantages
No need for a tidy up of ashes
No special devices required
No assessments needed
No problems about fumes
Enjoy your electric fireplace without the problem of a conventional fire. You will be able to focus on household time as opposed to bothering with various other things.

Beautiful Equilibrium

Create contrast between light and dark as we have envisioned below. The white finish of the wood paired with the ambient radiance from the electric fireplace produces an excellent equilibrium. You’ll have the ability to select from an extensive array of solid woods in addition to coatings to discover the ideal fit.

Revitalize the look of your living space with the streamlined layout of our Fireplace Mantel with L1200 x W330 x H1050mm dimension. Its genuine hand-craftsmanship is sure to look fantastic in your family members’ event area.


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