General Questions

How does an electric fireplace work? As the name implies, heat comes from electricity, so there is no need to install chimneys and discharge smoke. Instead, the heat generated by the radiation from the electric heater is completely clean, free of smoke, carbon monoxide, soot, and creosote. They are also very efficient; all the heat goes directly into the room rather than through the chimney to lose part of it. Besides, the heat generated by the electric fireplace is completely visible and controllable relative to the traditional real fire fireplace. You can adjust the equipment according to your preferences for the supply of minimum or maximum heat. You can also choose to turn off the heating function and use it as an ornament!

Installation is straightforward. Most models can operate on standard voltage home circuits without special wiring. Installation of an electric wall furnace does not need a problematic structure, position the equipment, and plug into the power supply to enjoy life quickly and easily.

The visual appeal of the fireplace is well known. Traditional firewall furnaces are likely limited to large houses that can accommodate extra space and install the required chimneys and flues. The electric fireplace solves the fundamental problem of this contradiction. For example, apartments, ordinary houses, offices, high-rise buildings, boathouses, or RVs can now enjoy the fireplace’s warmth and heat.

Traditional fire fireplace fire, for children and pets, has certain safety risks, always more or less will make adults worry, and with electric fireplace, you do not have to worry about the danger of real fire. Instead, the device simulates the look and feel of the actual flame. Also, these devices are strong enough to reduce the risk of toppling and tilting.

The electric fireplace is safe, efficient, and useful. Few of them need to be cleaned up, and they can provide enough heat in a few hours without the tedious handling of wood and concerns about CO poisoning. Most electric walls have equipped with remote controls; press the button to adjust the flame’s temperature and brightness. These space heating devices emit zero pollutants and are particularly safe for children.

There is no doubt that the electric fireplace is not only safe for a family but also exceptionally environmentally friendly. For the electrical device, the fire caused by the open fire is a point you don’t have to worried about. Electric-powered appliances don’t release any toxic chemicals into the air, so the traditional problems of ash and pollutants from wood-burning fireplaces stimulating the lungs of people with asthma or other respiratory diseases are solved. It creates a realistic flame effect that can also make your family happy and healthy!

They don’t make flames. Different fireplaces produce the result various away, but mostly, it has created by using LED. The QUESTWHX electric fireplace uses Chromatically Technology to create stunning and realistic flame effects.

Electric wall furnaces can be used for 10 to 20 years, depending on their frequency of use.

No. the actual heating element on the electric fireplace has located above or below the flame display area. Therefore, the glass surface in front of the flame will not become hot. Can I adjust the heat of the electric fireplace Yes, the weather can have improved on the electric stove. Most have high and low-temperature settings, but high-end models can be connected to home thermostats to achieve more precise temperature control.
It depends on the model. An average of 120 V electric wall furnaces provide 400 square feet of area heating. Also,240 V units can be heated twice the size: up to 800 square feet. (1 square foot =0.093 square metres)

Generally, an electric fireplace with heating function provides an average of about 5,000 BTU. of heat (1 BTU approximately 251.9958 calories /0.29 3 watts /1.055 kilojoules)

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