Natural Stone Fireplace – Wows and Ows

Natural stone is a wonderful choice of materials if you want a great look and without using heavy materials. Natural stone is also called thinstone because of it being lightweight. It is versatile when talking about colors and textures and can endure various environmental conditions.

Building a stone fireplace made of natural stone is not expensive at all. This would do quite well for one working on a tight budget for home improvement and home repairs. Because it is lightweight, it is relatively easy to install. The material is cut quite thin so you can fit them with ease. You can choose from the different colors and textures available. Natural stone gives the impression of real stone but has the flexible features of manufactured stone which is why it is the choice of most homeowners for their home improvement endeavors.

That being said, there are certain points you have to take into consideration when choosing to put up a natural stone fireplace. If you are very selective and prefer real stones or products created from real stone, think twice before putting up a natural stone fireplace. Natural stone is a manufactured stone although it looks like a real one. Natural stones may get chipped and scratched after a while. Although this is disadvantage in itself, the good thing is that the scratches and chips will blend in appropriately into the décor since the undersurface is the same as the outer surface.

Some homeowners feel that natural stone is not as durable as stones that are obtained from natural rocks. There might be a slight difference in durability but the natural stone is also durable and has a high tolerance for extreme conditions.

The stone fireplace can be installed like any other traditional fireplaces. It is better to seek the help of a professional to make sure that it is installed properly and the ventilation system is up to par with government standards. Another idea is to make a faux fireplace and just make a space for the fireplace insert and the rest is just for show to mimic the appearance of the traditional fireplace. This way you don’t have to worry about cutting wood and tearing down your wall to create a chimney.

Log inserts are available to give you the authentic wood fireplace appearance. Gel inserts have fuels that gives off a fire with yellow or orange glow and crackling sounds like that of logs as well. Gas logs have the look of real log fire but not the crackling sound, but you can use it for as long as you want and just turn the dial off if you’re done enjoying the fire. With the gel insert, the average time for burning is two to two and a half hours. The electric insert doesn’t have a real fire since it is basically a heater designed to look like a log. But it is equipped with light and sound effects to eliminate that disadvantage. This way you get all the advantages and none of the hassles.

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