China Mini Portable Electric Fireplace Heater R104

Detailed introduction
1. Model No. : R104
2. AC 220-240V 50Hz
3. Adjustable Temperature
4. Adjustable Flame Brightness
5. .2heat setting options:900/1800W
6. Close to Real Wood Burning Flame Effect
7. Temperature Controller and Fuse Double Overheat Protection

1. 2.Fan heating setting
2. Log flame effect, real wood fire effect
3. Flame effect can be used independently of the heating
7. The front window can open
5. Flame effect can be used separately from the heating
6. Auto temperature adjustment, Safety thermal cut-off device
7. The new generation of home-style fireplace heater, high-efficiency heating, practicability.
8.European stylish design, the right choice of designs to create your living space

1. Apartment hall Heater can decorate not only your house but also warm your corner
2. Bedroom Maintain your room warm to give you the best sleeping quality
3.Living room a good mood in a comfortable environment
4. Friendly working environment, creating higher performance


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