Convenient Portable Fireplace Heater R102

Model No. : R102
Additional Features  
1200W Heat output
Electric supply 220-240V
Efficiency 100%
Optiflame log effect
Tow heat settings
Size : 22 x 42 x 35cm
Weight 6kgs
Flame effect only option Yes
Fuel Beds Available Log Effect (included)

Looks lovely, heat output goes over. Been made use of in a shed/man cave, takes just a few mins to go from really chilly to transforming it warm.
Note it’s a correct electrical expert set up wired shed with universal house outlets placed. Don’t be tempted to try some power bank it’s power ranking (Watts) is much expensive for the majority of (there may be some that can handle however check it out if plan to utilize with among these).
When ‘off’ the lights can still put on, and also the result is pretty incredible. It would be best if you assembled a little, (place the four legs on) this is rather fiddly yet not too hard.


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