Using Electric Fireplace Inserts in Any Fireplace

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to add an electric fireplace insert to their existing fireplace. It might be that your fireplace has seen better days, and you don’t feel comfortable using it as a wood burner any longer. Maybe you’ve always had a gas burner, but you’ve decided to change to clean, electrical heat. Whatever your reason might be, you can buy dozens of different styles of inserts that will not only look lovely in your home, but which will also become focal points for the rooms you have them in.

About 20 years ago my family purchased a home with a lovely gas fireplace in the living room. The only problem was that when we turned it on, the room became uncomfortably warm, and there was no way to turn it down. We ended up removing the fireplace altogether, because it was just taking up space. How I wish we could have had an electric fireplace insert we could have used so as to still be able to enjoy that fireplace.

It might just be that you’re looking for the ambiance of a nice fire without the work of a woodburner. After all, when you burn wood, you have to buy it or haul it and chop it before you’ll ever be able to use it for a fire. In addition, wood fires expel certain amounts of smoke and other contaminants into the air in your home, and you have to clean the creosote out of the chimney on a regular basis in order to avoid fires. Having a wood pile near your home isn’t an ideal situation, either. If you stack it next to the house, it can rot out the boards on the house. If you stack it farther away, you’ll have a long walk in order to replenish your in-house supply.

With an electric fireplace insert, you’ll be able to curl up in front of a blazing fire without going to all the hassle involved with wood. You may have seen an electric fireplace many years ago and not been impressed with the fake-looking fire it contained. That was then and this is now, though, because electric fireplaces have gone through a great deal of technological change since they were first invented. Modern electric fireplace inserts produce such real-looking fires that you may not even be able to tell which fireplaces in a store are burning wood and which are running on electricity.

There’s nothing to installing an electric insert in your fireplace, because it’s as simple as plugging in your TV. There are no fumes and no need of venting. You’ll even be able to run this
fireplace year round if you like, because you can turn the heater on and off at will. They make great options for sun rooms, too, as many of them have no source of heat. All-in-all, an electric fireplace insert will make a great addition to your house that the whole family will enjoy.

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