Hot Sale Vapor Fireplace 3D Steam Fireplace Questwhx VP813

Modern : VP813
Remote control : Yes
Voltage : 110-240V 50HZ
Area Heater : No Heat
Usage : Lobby hall, Club, Villa , Outdoor
Operation Method : Button / Remote Control
Consumption : 0.3-1.1L/H
Certification : CE ROHS GCC
Use : Embedded
Fuel Use : Pure Water
Burning Time : About 7-9 hours
Configuration Optional : WIFI internet access + APP real-time Remote monitoring system
Accessory : power adapter, warranty card , water filled tube (plus filter head ) cleaning cloth

3D flame fireplace VS Real Flame Fireplace ?
This 3D flame are often touchable , more decor effect than real flame , more safety and more easier installation , the water steam not only give heater but also moisture to stop your skin too dry then heating
Additional notes :
1. install countertops and interior materials required for the moist Thur-proofmaterial
2. Reserved for internal needs recess or hallow space and ventilation vents
3. The top of the fireplace can not use reflective materials
4. Inside platform recess on the right to reserve a socket
5. Platform height greater than 300mm above recommendations
6. Installation platform remains the abs or lute level
7. Installation hole 300mm or more highly recommended


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