High Quality 3D Water Vapor Fireplace Insert Questwhx VP815

Single color decorative viewing 3D water steam vapor fireplace without heater , just for decor

Model No: PV815
Voltage: 110V / 240V
Vapor Out Size: 1500mm x 250mm x 220mm
Vapor Inner Size: 1340mm x 215mm x 200mm
Net Weight: 45kgs
Gross Weight: 50kgs
Control Mode: Remote Control + Manual Panel
Consumption: 0.43L/H
Fuel: Pure Water
Water Tank Capacity: 5.17L
Inner Power: MW ( MCAN WELL) From TAIWAN
LED Light Chip: Epistar From WAIWAN
Atomizer: RIMEI From China
Accessories: 1) English instruction
2) Warranty card
3) Power adapter
4) Plastic tube for adding water fuel

Function :
1. Remote controlling system and manual keyboard
2. Automatic test and alarm water volume with alarm sound
3. Set up automatic protection function, when flake flame run out of power , will remind to add
4. Flake flame color can be set up with more than 1000 kinds of colors via mobile APP , at the same time , light is available to be adjusted
5. The height of fake flame can be 150 – 600mm with 5 levels
6. The uninterrupted flake flame can be kept for 16 to 18 hours without second adding water
7. Protection device for anti-overflow
8. Continuous colors changed with more than 1 millions kind of colors via mobile APP
Installation Requirement :
1. the installation platform must be damp-proof
2. The reserved inner must be empty and have air blowing or spiral
3. The top of installation platform can’t be decorated with anti-light
4. The right side of reserved groove must set up one three eys socket of 200V or 110V as customized
5. The recommended height of installation platform is bove 300mm
6. The installation platform must be set and keep absolute parallelism
7. The installation hole height is recommended to be above 300mm
1. prompt answer from customer’s inquiry within 24 hours
2. Manufacturing and assembly experience in electric fireplace and atomized simulation fireplace , alcohol fireplace etc. For more than 10 years
3. Factory sales to cut the trader profit in China to 0
4. Good quality management system fro incoming of raw materials inspection to assembly quality controlling and service after sales quality control system of fireplace
5. IQC ( Incoming quality control of raw material )
6. IPQC ( In process quality control )
7. PQC ( process quality control )
8. FQC ( final quality control )
9. OQC ( out-going quality control )
10. Good plant location Guangzhou
11. New model of electric fireplace with verisimilitude burning sound created by our designer and registered patent in Chinese government
12.  We have more then 50 patent for appearance and flame form
13. We built our own factory building by last year with 13000 square meters
14. All managed process according to international standard


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