About Us

From the beginning, our mission has been simple, to be the most respected manufacturer from China of Electric Fireplace with the most exceptional clients and products. Years later, RUYIJIA has evolved with a focus on being part of the Internet future, with a commitment to technologies of all kinds, from domestic to international.

But more than that, the footprint of the brand has grown to encompass a variety of lifestyle interests, furniture, decoration, design and so much more, and throughout our constant evolution, even during the most challenging of times, RUYIJIA have clung to four small words that have propelled us forward “we practice we create”.

quality, responsibility & safety

Why Us?

Certification with CE, CSA, FCC, ROHS, EXTERIOR Patent, Flame patent, All products meet International quality standards. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all production stages enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.
We are looking for successful business relationships with clients all over the world.

Who We Serve?

Our Electric Fireplace has advanced technology, a self-contained quality control system, perfect testing devices, and combines the best elements of modern technology and traditional charm paired with world-class customer service and products electric fireplaces, standard electrical heaters.

We offer a long-term quality warranty period to protect customers’ profit and maximize customers’ satisfaction. We have already sold to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa. Meanwhile, we have a good reputation in China.

The journey to excellence is a long path, Never Settle.

Our Certificates

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